A&R Medical Eduction Foundation

We empower healthcare providers to deliver safe, equitable, affordable, and high-quality care, fostering the well-being of the diverse populations they serve.
Our Mission

A & R Medical Education Foundation

A&R Medical Education Foundation (ARMEF) is a nonprofit organization that operates to support the educational, scientific and charitable purposes and activities of A&R Educational Group, LLC and other educational companies primarily through the organization and provision of educational programs for healthcare workers.  It is dedicated to the advancement of medical science and improvement of health through education and is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or the corresponding provision of any subsequent Federal tax law. 

ARMEF is committed to providing high-quality medical education in a personal and value-driven environment by nationally and internationally prominent consultants.  ARMEF is to serve as the fiscal intermediary for worthy medical and health-related programs; to stimulate and assist new and current medical education programs, including programs which would permit exchange of information among medical disciplines, for health, scientific and educational purposes, primarily for the purpose of enhancing the quality of medical care in the United States, in a manner which shall: 
  • Afford to persons an opportunity to make gifts with a greater beneficial result than possible through individual action; 
  • Afford to corporations an opportunity equal to that of individuals to create memorials or make gifts as the circumstances of their economic situation warrant, from time to time;  
  • Safeguard and provide for the permanent security of' such gifts. 

Sponsored Events

Congress of Clinical Rheumatology

The Congress of Clinical Rheumatology (CCR) is a premier educational event designed specifically for rheumatologists and rheumatology providers. It provides a platform for the exchange of the latest information, tools, and resources aimed at enhancing knowledge and expanding skills in the field of rheumatology. The event features an array of esteemed faculty members who present on a variety of relevant topics, engaging participants through clinical relevance sessions. The CCR takes place annually in stunning locations, with options for both onsite and virtual attendance, combining high-quality learning experiences with enjoyable surroundings. The congress is also a valuable networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect with peers and industry leaders, fostering collaborations and professional growth. 
  • Since 1983
  • Leading Rheumatology Conference
  • Un-matched Educational Resource

NYRIF: Fellow's Poster Session

The Fellow's Poster Session is of great educational importance for Fellows-in-Training and Residents. This special event offers a unique platform for participants to showcase their clinical and research-based abstracts, as well as intriguing cases, allowing them to demonstrate their skills and expertise in their respective fields. By presenting their work in this poster session, fellows have the opportunity to engage with leading rheumatologists, researchers, and fellows from around the world, fostering valuable connections and knowledge exchange. Moreover, the publication of accepted abstracts in various mediums, including abstract program books, phone apps, and online platforms, provides wide visibility and the potential for global impact. With media coverage and notable media impressions from past events, this poster session holds the potential to create lasting educational and professional opportunities for fellows and residents.

North American Young Rheumatology Investigator Forum

North American Young Rheumatology Investigator Forum (NYRIF) offers an exceptional opportunity for researchers in the field. By submitting an abstract, participants can present their research to a diverse audience of leading rheumatologists and gain valuable feedback. NYRIF serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, fostering informal networking, and building connections with peers and experts. Moreover, attendees have the chance to shape the future of rheumatology while enjoying the beautiful beach setting of Destin, recently voted as a top spring beach getaway in the Western Hemisphere. NYRIF provides a great opportunity for Fellows to showcase their work, advance their career, and participate in the vibrant conversations that will shape the field of rheumatology.